Intelligent Outcasts presents: 



A New York street wear brand with a modern day urban voice: Intelligent Outcasts to be appearing in its first ever retail space. All Intelligent Outcast designs are screen printed by hand and one-of-a-kind.

The pop-up will be accompanied by 9 artists for two special events. The additional days will feature Intelligent Outcasts with a different alternating artist every day. Just like the ever changing culture of the city, the unconditional pop-up shop will evolve over its week long run.

All of the featured artists bring a different element of urban life to the show, while sharing the same cultural interests as Intelligent Outcasts.

You are invited to experience the Intelligent Outcasts brand in its limited time lower east side location.

Opening night launch party starting at 6pm on April 29th with music, drinks, and exclusive offers



Location: 103 Allen st, New York, NY, 10002

Date: April 29th-May 7th

Opening exhibition starts at 6pm and all other days are 10am-10pm




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